Happé III

400 $

Artiste: Boivin, Régis
Titre: Happé III
Médium: Toufstone
Code: GRBOI200609
Dimensions: 20″ x 6″ x 9″

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Born in the 60`s in Saint-Henri de Levis, Regis Boivin quickly became fascinated with being able to express himself on paper with color. Since a young age, a paper and art materials were enough to keep him happy and occupied.

The colors of his work transport the viewer into a world of the artist`s imagination and desires. His sculptures are evocative and figurative with a flare of imagination and abstraction.

Informations complémentaires

UGS : GRBOI200609 Catégorie :
Poids 6.827 kg
Dimensions 50.8 × 15.24 × 22.86 cm