Restoration of works of art

Whitening blemished artworks

Over time, works on paper or canvas can yellow due to accident or because of the material used to create the work. Galerie Roussil offers you a work of art laundering service. Everything is done in our in-house workshop and your work is treated with delicacy. Give us a few days and you will find the brilliance of the work!

Artwork repair

A hole, tear or scratch may result from an accident, moving or shipping. Do not be afraid, Galerie Roussil can help you by repairing the damage. Communicate with us to discuss your project.

Framed children's shoes

Touch up paint

If your work needs a touch-up paint because it is losing its shine, contact us to discuss it. We have the tools as well as the knowledge required to do paint restorations while keeping the initial colors and textures.


It is possible for a work to be torn or destabilized by old age or by accident. We have seen dozens of examples of this in our years of service. Please bring the work and we will find the best way to restore it.

Wooden boxes

Replace varnish

If your work is damaged or yellowed because of its old varnish, Galerie Roussil has the necessary tools to restore your work in oil or acrylic to new. Contact us or otherwise come see us with the work to discuss possible solutions!