Photo editing and special projects

Restoration of damaged photography

We can clean your damaged images. You can bring the photo to the gallery and we’ll take care of the rest! You will have a final print or a digital version of the photo according to your choice. We will return the original damaged photo to you.

In this case (image), the client had an image of his grandfather during wartime. This photo was very important to him and he wanted to have it in a larger format, printed and framed in order to put it in his living room. He wanted his son to be able to see his great-grandfather, an important person. He brought the photo to the gallery and we restored it before putting it in a frame of his choice.

Photo montage

In this case (image), the client wanted to have a picture of her late husband and herself because she didn’t have one. She wanted something simple but which would mean a lot to her. The client brought us the original photos. We made the digital photo montage, a beautiful print and a frame to her liking. She was very happy with the result!

We can mount your photo before having it framed or for a custom painting. You can send us the images by email if you have them in digital version. Please contact us to discuss the quality of your base image.

Photo montage in your decor

If you are looking for a work that would be appropriate for your decor but you are not sure of the choice, we can make you a digital montage of the art in the decor of your choice. Everything will be of a proportionate size which will give you a better idea before purchasing an artwork for a specific space.

In this case (the image), the client wanted to see the effect that Lucie Michel’s painting would have in her new interior decor. She wanted to have a visual to understand the designer’s point of view. The client was very happy with the image which helped her purchase the work.

Other special projects

We have multiple examples that will help you choose the perfect plate for your project. Whether it’s a custom engraving or a special thank you plate, come see us at Galerie Roussil and we’ll help you find the best solution!

Plates creation
Group photo montage

We also do group photo montage and can add a custom plate to it. We take care of the good quality printing before proceeding with a beautiful frame of your choice. Come see us at Galerie Roussil to discuss your project!