Classes : Autumn session 2022

Course Schedule & Registration

Our Next Session starting in September 2022
Acrylique painting course (5 weeks)

13.00pm – 16.00pm

195$ (+ taxes)

Oil painting course (5 weeks)

13.00pm – 16.00pm

195$ (+ taxes)

Kids acrylic painting course (5 weeks)

10.00am – 11.30am

195$ (+ taxes)

Painting and drawing Classes In Montreal

Everyone has a creative side, some more than others. We just need to be given the means to develop our inner artist. In Montreal, Galerie Roussil is the perfect place to take a painting course and awaken your inner creative potential or better yet, to enhance the basic skills you’ve already acquired and take them to the next level.

The next session will start on the 16th of September 2022

Start your learning or refine your technique with teachers who will introduce you to the pleasures and subtleties of art through their experience and passion. Our classrooms have been designed to make your artistic journey a moment of pure relaxation.

Acrylic painting

Start Date: September 16th 2022

This course will allow you to acquire a first learning or a practical deepening of your knowledge. It will cover a base in drawing, composition and color construction. Several projects will be proposed to you ranging from the representation of the movement, to a greedy still life to the landscapes. By these, you can realize different realistic or exaggerated treatments.

Oil painting

Cancelled for September 2022

This oil painting course is based on an old pictorial technique still used for trompe-l’oeil, portraiture and scenic painting. This technique allows more brightness and depth to the paint. The course deals, the transfer of the image on canvas, the use of the glaze, greyness and color. Concrete painting project to the choices of the student .. Excellent beginner’s course.

Acrylic painting for kids

Start Date: September 17th 2022

This acrylic painting course for children is an introduction to painting as well as an inception to being a painter. The schedule will be from 10 am to 11.30 am. Registration is in progress and the material is provided!

Qualified Teachers

Whatever your level of experience, our qualified instructors will guide you through your artistic development. They share their knowledge creativity, openly and generously. Our instructors help you explore your own personal techniques through guided freestyle painting sessions allowing every student to find their own personal source of inspiration. Classes are limited to a maximum of 12 students so that each student can receive the proper amount of individual attention with the teacher.

Mixed Level Classes

By mixing different levels of experience, our painting classes are not only open to beginners, but also to those who want to enhance their craft. The aim is to encourage exchanges between beginners, intermediate and advanced students and to avoid skill level barriers. Our experience has shown us that mixing various skill levels within the class is beneficial for all participants.

Classroom Setup

The classes take place in a comfortable environment that is decorated to promote a sense of well-being while you are exercising your artistic creativity. The classroom is spacious and set up so that it enables friendly exchanges between students.

Required Materials

painting tables and easels
free for your use

List of materials
provided at registration

Warehousing service

We provide you with painting tables and easels free for your use. As for the rest of the materials required for the course, a detailed list is given to you when you register so that every student can get the items they will need to complete their specific art project.

For a small additional fee, we offer storage facilities for your art supplies. Anyone enrolled in a painting class can leave their equipment in the facilities for the ten (10) week allotted duration of the painting classes.

We can provide the material that you need

buy your material in-store