Hanging and transporting fine art

Placement of frames

Galerie Roussil offers the hanging service. Whether it’s hanging a canvas or placing a sculpture, we have the tools you need. We have hung works on various walls for several decades. We do tailor-made. Whether it is for a residential or commercial space or in a place that is not easily accessible such as large walls, stairs or following a move, we are available to give you the support you need. Hanging art will be secure and visually pleasing to the decor.

Including skilled labor

Not only do we make the frames in our in-house workshop, but Galerie Roussil also offers the services of its qualified employees with more than 20 years of experience in the field to hang your project in the desired space. You will be able to discuss your needs and know your options before any clash.

Museum glass

Shipping and transportation of artwork

With an additional fee, the hanging service can include shipping as we also take care of the shipping and transportation of the work if necessary. We offer you a turnkey service. The work will be protected with the necessary material and will be delivered to anywhere in the province of Quebec. If you need shipping outside of Quebec, please contact us to discuss.