Galerie Roussil offers various custom framing styles. We frame works on canvas, paper works, sculptures, valuables and more. We offer framing with a mat, box framing and float framing. Come see us at Galerie Roussil to see our creations and to discuss your framing needs.

Glass for framing

For all your framing projects, you have the choice between three types of glass: regular, clear conservation and museum glass. The clear conservation glass gives UV protection and prevents the art from fading. The museum glass offers the same advantages as the clear conservation glass and it is also an anti-reflective glass which gives a better visual!

Museum glass

Object framing

Galerie Roussil frames objects such as collectibles, emotional objects, valuables and clothing. Everything is custom made and made in our workshop. Come see us to discuss your project.


Galerie Roussil offers the lamination service. We have all the necessary tools in our workshop to create your custom laminates!

Wooden boxes

Packaging of works of art

At Galerie Roussil, we offer multiple packaging. We offer cardboard packaging for moving, storage or for shipping a paper work by bus. We can also place the works on paper, on canvas as well as the posters in appropriate tubes. For shipments of works on canvas, framed works and sculptures, Galerie Roussil offers wooden boxes made in our workshop. We supply wooden boxes for art galleries and museums in Quebec.

Custom backing board

Galerie Roussil can make custom backings for all your framing needs. We offer cardboard and wooden back boxes made in our workshop.

back cardboard