André Desjardins

André Desjardins was born in Hauterive, Canada, in 1964. His fascination with art, history and geography goes back to early childhood when he would spend hours upon hours drawing, tinkering about, building, creating. Another favoured activity was leafing through atlases and encyclopaedias of the family’s extensive library. He was constantly on the lookout for anything new to feed his boundless curiosity: books, music, magazines, comics.

At eighteen, Desjardins left the family home in the country and headed for the big city. He studied graphic design at the University of Québec in Montreal. Recognizing the sculptural aspect of his protege’s bi-dimensional works, Winn suggested that Desjardins explore sculpture. That’s all it took for him to throw his heart and soul into this new adventure. With a deep understanding of objects, space, tri-dimensionality and human anatomy a majestic eloquence is revealed through this new medium. His portfolio now holds close to thirty sculptures, including “Recevoir Héroïque” the limited edition of 8 monumental sculptures created in 2013. Measuring over 11 feet high, this impressive work stands in private gardens in the US and Canada.

Artist: André Desjardins
Title: Quand tout est Possible
Medium: Oil
Code: GRDES3040
Size: 30“ x 40“