Art has been exhibited for 50 years at the Galerie Roussil. Located in Montreal, the gallery is a delight for artists and art lovers.

Our services

Galerie Roussil

At Galerie Roussil, art has been taking shape and exhibiting for 50 years. We created this space to promote the diversity and quality of the services and products that have made our reputation for half a century.

Whether you are a neophyte or aesthete, you will find your account through our selection of paintings by Quebec artists, our framing service, our high-end artistic materials and our painting lessons.

Professional framing

From cutting to framing your art, all processes take place at Galerie Roussil through our in-house workshop.

From cutting to framing your art, all processes take place at Galerie Roussil through our in-house workshop.

Some of our typical framing projects include fine art on canvas and paper, photography, clothing, special items, and rare collectibles.

Painting courses

Painting Class

Galerie Roussil offers acrylic and oil painting classes for adults and children. Classes are taught by an art teacher who has experience in artistic creation and in the Canadian art industry. The latter will accompany beginners to discover the beauty of creativity and will help more advanced students to master the techniques.

Custom painting

We can also meet your special custom painting projects. We can reproduce and mount any subject: portraits, architecture, animals and others. Paintings are made with museum quality acrylic paints. We can also create custom charcoal, pencil and ink drawings. Contactez-nous et expliquez-nous ce que vous voulez faire ainsi que la taille souhaitée.

Restoration of works of art

At Galerie Roussil, we have the tools and the knowledge to restore works of art. Whether it’s a damaged canvas, a torn or yellowed drawing or a sculpture that needs cleaning, we can help. Come to Galerie Roussil with the work to determine the necessary solution.

Special projects

We can also meet your special photo framing and photo editing projects. We frame objects and others that are out of the ordinary. If you would like to modify an image or make a photo montage before framing it, contact us to discuss your project.